It’s time to alleviate employee financial stress in the workplace—for good.

The Employer Solution, a social venture of Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, is the first national financial wellness program designed to strengthen the financial health of working Americans. A non-profit with two decades of experience providing financial empowerment services to low wage workers, Neighborhood Trust created The Employer Solution to help employers alleviate financial stress for their employees.

Good for business and for employees—financially healthy employees save your company time and money, and financial wellness services can improve talent retention and increase productivity

A proven program with tangible results—unlike other financial wellness programs, The Employer Solution provides ongoing, comprehensive support and reports results quarterly so you will always know exactly how well the program is working

Easy for HR—setup and implementation is taken care of and connected to existing employee benefits so you can launch quickly and seamlessly without adding extra tasks to your day

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What does the Employer Solution include?

The Employer Solution has two services designed to provide a customizable workplace-based financial wellness solution. You can choose one or both of the following services based on the needs of your business and your employees.

Trusted Advisor™

Our signature service leverages the experience of Neighborhood Trust to provide individual financial counseling services, available remotely. Our tested counseling model uses behavioral economics to build trust and create action. It’s been proven to equip workers to take control of their finances. The service offers each employee a trusted relationship, action-oriented counseling, safe and affordable products and tech-enabled money management.


Developed in partnership with FlexWage, WageGoal was created to improve the financial health of hard-working employees and the businesses they serve. This powerful payroll tool gives employees access to their earned wages before their paycheck is delivered and offers built-in guidance to help them avoid debt, pay bills on time, or cover unexpected expenses.

Financial stress costs time and money and impacts the majority of America’s workforce.

Employers save $2,000 annually with a financially healthy employee through the reduction of administrative costs for wage garnishment, 401k loans, payday advances, paper paychecks, etc.
—Employee Financial Education Division, Financial Literacy for Employees Survey (November 2012)

156 hours wasted per full-time employee per year due to dealing with financial matters.  — PwC’s 2017 Employee Financial Wellness Survey

7 out of 10 HR professionals indicate that personal financial challenges have an impact—in some cases a large impact—on their employees’ performance.  —Prudential

76% of Americans report living paycheck to  paycheck (including 30% of those earning $100,000+).  —CNN Money, 2013

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The Employer Solution gets real results.

The Employer Solution has two services designed to provide a customizable workplace-based financial wellness solution. You can choose one or all of the following services based on the needs of your business and your employees.

A study of financial wellness programs revealed that programs such as EAP’s are rarely effective. Measurable, cost-saving results come from ongoing, comprehensive programs.  — Gallop 2010

In the last year alone, The Employer Solution helped businesses create a more financially stable workforce.

$913,136 employee total debt reduced
$296,963 employee credit card debt reduced.
91% of employees reported that The Employer Solution helped them reach their financial goals.

Here’s what our customers have to say about The Employer Solution:

Employees improved their credit score, reduced their debt and took control of their finances.

Thinking back through her experience with Neighborhood Trust and The Employer Solution, Sheila said her proudest moment was receiving her first credit score after working with her financial counselor. She remembers the feeling of an improved higher score and a drastic reduction in her debt. “It worked,” she said proudly and simply.
Omar’s credit improved 65 points in just 6 months and he reduced his debt by $600 and saved $1700!

Carol is a part-time retail worker with Goodwill NYNJ whose finances were a tremendous source of stress in her life. Fortunately, as an employee benefit from Goodwill NYNJ, Carol was able to get free, confidential help from a Financial Counselor, Sarah Wen. When she met Sarah for the first time in December 2016, Carol wasn’t able to make ends meet. She was over $42,000 in debt, and was paying $400 out of her part-time salary to a debt settlement company. Carol’s credit score dropped to 592, deep in the “needs improvement” category. Worst of all, Carol felt a strong obligation to pay to the debtfont-size:19px; settlement company each month, in full and on time, even if it meant that she couldn’t afford her groceries.


One benefit for Carol of having a Financial Counselor on her side was learning about resources that Carol hadn’t been aware of. Together, they composed and submitted a complaint to the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), alleging both abusive financial practices and disability discrimination on the part of the debt settlement company. The CFPB agreed, and used their federal authority to lean on the debt settlement company on Carol’s behalf. So far, Carol’s debt settlement plan has been cancelled and $400 has been returned to her, but the CFPB continues to press for more of her money to be returned.

Now Carol is making ends meet and eating every meal again. She and Sarah drew up a budget together. Sarah has also helped Carol write some debt verification letters to the credit reporting agencies in order to clear some collections off her credit report that are past the statute of limitations.

In just six months, Carol eliminated over $5,000 in debt – that’s 12% of her total debt! – and raised her credit score 66 points to 658 or “fair.” Sarah provides Carol accountability with weekly phone calls, and each time they celebrate a success together, Sarah is ready with the next clear, concrete, personalized step for Carol to take towards better financial health. Just as she had intended when they first met, Carol feels a lot less stressed about her financial future.

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Jacqueline found herself out of a job and found work as a home health aide. She did not expect to receive financial counseling as an employee benefit and is incredibly grateful for this offering. Her student loan incorrectly appeared twice on her credit report and she was $116,000 in debt. With her long-term goal of owning a home in mind, she worked with Neighborhood Trust and The Employer Solution and reduced her debt by $55,000 in less than 1 year. 

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Employees improved their credit score, reduced their debt and took control of their finances.

The Employer Solution is brought to you by Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, a non-profit and one of the nation’s leading providers of financial empowerment services. We believe everyone, regardless of income or any other circumstance, deserves the benefits of a trusted relationship with a Financial Counselor. All of our services are developed and delivered in service of our nonprofit mission. Read more here.

  • Our goal is to build a trusted relationship with worker or employee clients so they can manage and improve their financial lives
  • 20 years of experience serving 45,000 low-to-moderate income clients across 40 partner and customer organizations
  • Largest contractor for City of New York financial empowerment services
  • Services include bi-lingual and remote financial counseling to meet the needs of all employees
  • Our financial counseling services are built around behavioral economics and individual plans designed to gain trust and create action so employees have the tools to take control of their finances
  • Pricing for our programs is competitive. Set up a demo to find out the mix of services that works best for you

Awards & Recognition 

Named Center for Financial Services Innovation ‘Financial Health Leader, 2017’

Winner of Center for Financial Services Innovation ‘2015 Financial Solutions Lab’ with founding partner JPMorgan Chase

Recipient of Andrew Goodman Foundation ‘2015 Hidden Heroes Award’

Named one of ten most innovative nonprofits in 2013 by Mayor of New York City

If you share our vision for worker wellness, it’s time to alleviate employee financial stress in the workplace for good.

When you work with The Employer Solution, brought to you by Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, you’ll be joining a team of people as committed to worker wellness as you are, such as FlexWage—this partnership led to WageGoal, a proven tool that improves financial access and wellbeing for employees and the companies they serve. We look forward to working with you!

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